Beautiful actress Yvonne Nelson was in the studios of Okay Fm to promote her new series, “Heels & Sneakers” and as usual, the host of the show, Abeiku Santana asked her some questions pertaining her life and her about to be premiered series.

During the interview, the question of whether she was still cool with Delay popped up. People wanted to know if she was still cool with Delay and she answered saying that, she satill has a good relationship with Delay and that Delay is even one of her close buddies. Right after her response, the host, Abeiku Santana also asked if she’s friends with Delay’s rival, Afia Schwarznegger and surprisingly Yvonne Nelson gave a respond no one would have thought of.

She said that, she does not know Afia Schwarznegger although she’s heard her name and seen her on social media. She further went ahead to say that, she’s not even watched her on television before and has not even watched her show before.


Abeiku who sounded surprised further asked if she’s not even met her at any event before and she still responded that, she’s never met her at any event or in real life.

“I have seen her on social media but I haven’t met her before”

She’s not my friend, so I don’t follow her. I only follow my friends and people who inspire me” Yvonne said.

Asked whether she would feature her in her movie if the need be, she responded; “Sure, so far as she fits the character I want to use”

Yvonne Nelson premieres the first episode of her first ever series “Heels & Sneakers” at the Accra mall and West Hills Mall this Friday 24th June, 2016.


SIR KENN is an on-air personality and a blogger.

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