Musician Okyeame Kwame born Kwame Nsiah Appau has revealed that he will never remix or make a song to promote a particular political party in the country.
The ‘rap dacta’ admits that there is nothing wrong with musicians making songs to promote the agenda of political parties; he believes Ghana is not rife for this.

According to him, politics in Ghana borders on tribal and sentimental grounds and therefore a musician risk tainting his career.

He added that to an extent an artiste risk losing a sizeable number of his or her fan base which cuts across various tribal and ethnic groups.

Speaking to Ultimate News‘ Fremah Boakye, the versatile musician advised ‘until people begin to be objective and detach sentiments from politics it is not advisable to make a song for a political party’

He further revealed that he being a ‘celebrated artiste’ will not accept any amount of money to make music for any party, saying he believes his fans must be united in diversity.

‘‘So the musician’s job is to produce music, using the current trends and produce content that people can use so that they can pay him, so if politicians want to use a musician as a conduit to reach a lot of people through the music I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

When we come to Ghana, this is my personal thought, I don’t believe that in Ghana, a popular musician should do that, but its personal, because politics in Ghana borders on emotional, tribal lines, until we get to a point where people can vote for political parties because they have read their manifestoes, through their families, offices, jobs, things that they have done already in the public sector, shows or proves that they can lead a nation, and we go and vote for them, until we get to that point I don’t think a musician should do, because what is happening is that because it’s not on logical lines, but on sentimental grounds, if you are an artiste and you do a song for one party, then it’s like alienating 50% of your market , so you must decide if they are paying you well enough, that is why am saying I will not do it even for one zillion dollars, I need my fans to be united in diversity,’ he explained.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com


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