Director of Communications of the Ghana Football Association,Ibrahim Sannie Daara, has debunked media reportage that the Association has withdrawn it’s services from the national team.

According to reports in the local media the FA has withdrawn their services from all national teams because of several amount of unpaid monies used by the association to pre-finance the national teams assignments.

However, another source also suggests that the ‘unfriendly’ relationship between the association and the new Sports Minister, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije is another factor contributing to the decision.

But spokesperson of the he FA says the Association has not taken any decision yet . “GFA has not withdrawn it’s services from the national teams.The FA has not taken such decision yet.


The power to decide on that lies in the Executive Committee of the FA.

They will meet next month to decide on that,” Sannie Daara told Happy FM. “We have not left the ministry broke.

The GFA has not received any monies
from the sports ministry in recent times to be accountable for.

We’ve lost almost all of our sponsors because of the sports minister’s comments to the extent that a sponsor told us the sports minister says the FA is not transparent.”



SIR KENN is an on-air personality and a blogger.

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