Adom FM has emerged as Ghana’s most listened to Radio station in GeoPoll’s second quarter survey of radio stations’ performance nationwide.
Adom FM surpassed Peace FM and Citi FM which placed second and third respectively in the polls. Joy FM also placed fourth in the same rankings.
“Adom FM achieves its highest rating between 6-8 AM with an average rating of 3.27 nationally,” the GeoPoll survey reveals.
Top Radio StationsStations
Top TV Stations
Adom TV, another subsidiary of the Multimedia Group also placed third in the two rankings with the TV grabbing more eye balls from 7:30-8:00pm.
The graph above shows that, TV3 continues to lead in ratings from 7 to 8pm. UTV then owns the highest ratings from 8 to 9pm. From 9-10pm, TV3 slightly edges out UTV, averaging a 4.54 rating. The highest average rating during primetime is UTV between 8:30-9pm with a rating of 5.86. Adom TV is consistently in 3rd place during primetime, while holding 2nd between 7:30-8pm, outperforming UTV.
To get a complete breakdown of Ghana media data, including ratings by region, day-by-day data in 30 minute time blocks for TV and 2 hours for radio, and filtering by demographics and psychographics, please click here to subscribe or see a demo of Kantar GeoPoll Media Measurement.
About GeoPoll
GeoPoll, is one of the largest providers of overnight audience measurement data in Africa.
In December 2015, GeoPoll partnered with the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), in a move that will allow all GIBA members to access GeoPoll and Kantar Media’s industry-leading audience data.
Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement is the only provider of next-day ratings for TV, radio, and print in Ghana and this partnership will give all GIBA members access to KGMM’s quarterly ratings data.
The partnership means that, media organizations which hitherto relied on data from various data organizations will now be using data from GeoPoll.
Such data is often the basis for advertisers’ preference on which media platform to advertise their products and services.


SIR KENN is an on-air personality and a blogger.

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