Musician Nacee
Gospel musician Nacee believes Christian marriages are not exciting as couples who do not follow Christ.
The musician who recently released his new album, “Counselor 1” in an interview on Accra FM’s Gospel 360 entertainment show opined that believers always repeat same routine in their marriages without engaging in other acts which will make their love life exciNacee
Nacee said he is not cool with couples who are always careful when showing love to their partner in public because they will be rebuked.
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According to him, this boring life of Christians in relationship results in many marriages collapsing. To him, Christians should learn what people in the world do in a relationship to help them have a happy marriage.
“Christian marriages are one of the boring relationships in the world. Its always about going to church, coming back home, going to work, takings kids to school, returning home and sleeping. Same routine happens everyday.

Few people travel outside so that they can change environment but even with them they will be in the room throughout their trip without exploring so its just a change of environment that has brought something new in their marriage.

Christian marriages are so boring that is why they keep saying that Christian marriages that collapse are more than secular marriages.

The worldly people have made Christians so calm that even when you hold your wife’s hand when walking then they will be looking at you with different eyes. 

Even when you kiss your wife in public they will talk against it. When did you see your pastor kiss his wife in public?

Aside kissing your wife during wedding ceremony, you will never see a Christian kissing his wife in public.” Nacee told Andy Favoured, host of the show.

He further advised husbands to hail their wives for them to feel that they are in love. Nacee reminded Christians to read Songs of Solomon.

“Let your wife’s breasts satisfy you at all times, we have thrown that part of the scriptures away. You can look at your wife and describe her in a way that will make her feel that you still love her. Even if she has cancer and her breast is cut away, she will know that her husband is satisfied with what she has”


SIR KENN is an on-air personality and a blogger.

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