I Lost My Two Legs Whilst Going For A Gospel Show – Onyameba Betty


Onyameba Betty

Rising gospel singer known in private life as Betty Boache but popularly called Onyameba Betty has opened up on how she got to the stage she is in now.

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The beautiful woman who started singing in her teens with a very beautiful voice which touched many people.

Onyameba was no Dave Hammer show hello entertainment review last Saturday to promote her new album and also tells her story to the world.

She recounts how she got into the \”wheelchair\” she is in now by saying.

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\”I have been on so many shows, sang in churches and other places which I sometimes travel\”. 

\”On one of my trips after performing I had a terrible accident on my way back home, as of the cause of the accident nobody knew how but I only remember I couldn\’t see clearly anymore but voices of people shouting and shouting and shouting till I could not hear a thing\”. 

\”When I woke up, I was in the hospital with my legs bandaged and hanged up in the air. I was shocked and surprised so I started asking questions upon questions till the doctor told me he had no option than to cut off my legs because of torn and damaged they are\”.

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\”Few months after I came back home but in a wheelchair, friends and loved ones rejected me because of my condition so I cried nights and nights, mornings and mornings till I decided to take my life\”. 

\”I heard some voice that told me that do I know why my legs had to be taken? I was still not accepting the fact that I couldn\’t do the things I used to do before, can\’t even stand in the mirror and turn up to see my beautiful body again, then the voice kept coming and coming till I was encouraged that even without my legs I could still sing but this time my life will be a living testimony to others\”.

\”She added that, indeed her legs are off though but she do not regret it ever taken because of how God has blessed her in another way, where she has featured Gospel stars in her songs\”. 

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She has Rev Samuel Nyamekye (Miracle Film) as her producer and manager now. She has movie stars also who comes closer to her because of how she never gave up and her story has encouraged millions of people and even her colleagues disabled.

\”I could see how Mr Dave Hammer was singing to my songs and how encouraged he was too. I have come to realize that there is reasons for our problems sometimes and we don\’t have to just give up because we might be destined to encourage to other people\”.

On the same Saturday Rev. Nyamekye took her to other stations after Hello Fm  to promote her new album titled \”My Story\” and also tell her story ones again to the world.

Betty has done so many movie sound track where she even meet Rev Samuel Nyamekye.

Take time and watch the full interview below;



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