Late Abass Friends Will Go For Revenge If… – Movie Producer Predict

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The late Abass

Nebu Ur Majesty, a close confidant and an associate of the late actor and make-up artist, Abass Nurudeen aka Blinkz has disclosed that if care is not taken the effects of the planned death of the actor will be very massive.
The movie producer speaking on Zionfelix Uncut revealed that the only way the ‘gang’ of Blinkz will allow this to go, if the police fail to do their work properly will be if the leaders of the gang find a very prudent way to calm them down and make them understand that Blinkzwouldn’t have appreciated a revenge for the actions of those who planned to kill him.
“…I can state that what may come after his death will not be good because of his guys who are still around. If the leaders in this guys are able to solve the problem, then they will be no problem but if Blinkz didn’t die, I am very confident nothing would have happened. He would have agreed to any form of revenge…” Nebu Ur Majesty told Zionfelix.
When asked if this fate that has befallen Blinkz can be attributed to his perceived radical nature many people see, Nebu Ur majesty emphasized that it is never true. He added that most of the radical things Abass does in movies are just for movies and not in reality. Nebu stresses that anybody who knows Blinkz in person can attest to this fact easily.
Blinkz was reported to have been killed when he tried to separate a fight between the brother-in-law of his boss and his boss’ wife but the brother-in-law of his boss ended up picking up a fight with him instead which resulted in two people stabbing him after which the fled from the area
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