SAD NEWS: A Nigerian footballer killed by assassins

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A former Nigerian football star Christian Jacob, has been killed by an unknown assassins on Thursday.

Christian Jacob 

Reports states that this sad death happened on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

According to the police, Jacob was shot outside his house on Umuola road, Ogbor Hill by the unknown assassins, who were believed to be hired for that purpose.


Jacob played for Enyimba International Football Club of Aba, a very popular one in the Abia State of Nigeria.

The assassins were reported to have fled the scene without touching even the footballers phone, sending a clear signal that they were not robbers but hired killers.


The whole Aba community was said to have been thrown into a state of shock and mourning following Jacob’s death.

He has been described as friendly, popular, and lover of people in the area.

Jacob played for Heartland and Enyimba in Nigeria before traveling to Moldova to play for FC Sheriff, ending his career from there.

His former club, Heartland, have consoled the family.

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