Ghanaian actors are afraid of competition – Vicky Zugah

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Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has revealed that some of her colleagues actors and actresses in the industry are afraid of competition.

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Vicky Zugah
According to the actress, it is one of the reasons why the Ghanaian movie industry is stagnant.
Expressing her opinion on the issue she said;

Some fear competition, it is like they want to be in there forever and do not want to play second fiddle to anyone. And for me this is not healthy for the industry especially at a time when we need each other to revive the industry,

She added that;
“ It is simply lack of confidence. Look when you know your worth and you are good, you do not pay attention to the next person.
There is space for everyone so it is interesting when I see or encounter these things because you cannot do this job alone. Again, we cannot be in this industry for ever so what is the point.”
Commenting on whether she had experienced it personally, Vicky said;
“Yes, I have had situations where some movie directors and producers are paid to take me out of a movie but I am not bothered. I believe in karma and posterity will judge all these people.”
She concluded by saying that;
There is no unity in the industry, too much backbiting, hatred, jealousy etc. Instead of us building each other, we are being selfish about things. But then I pray and hope that one day things will get better.”

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