Talented Musicians Are Not Appreciate In Ghana – Epixode

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Epixode has made it emphatic that Ghanaians pay less attention to artistes who are talented.

Speaking on 3FM Drive with Giovanni Caleb, Epixode noted that although the status quo is changing, there is still room for improvement.

“I think this is the time for me. Initially, Ghanaians didn’t open up their ears and minds to some of us. But now, it’s actually changing cos the masses listen and sing along word for word when we perform on stage. It means they are now paying attention to lyrics. The thing is that talents doesn’t really in Ghana. It’s still there but it’s getting better,” He noted.

He also noted that the rebranding and changing his name didn’t affect his career.

“Rebranding didn’t affect my career. It actually doubled my fans and the respect they had for me. When I debuted, I had a face painting which made me very recognizable everywhere I went. And the twist I also made to my name helped a lot”.

By: ghbase


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