The Church of Pentecost will remain closed

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

The leadership of the Church of Pentecost has announced that all Assemblies will remain closed despite the relaxation of restrictions on churches by President Akufo-Addo.

In a statement to all Area Heads, the church told all its ministers and officers not to rush to open church buildings for use.

They were urged to continue reaching out to members through family, friends and cell meetings while the church uses the month of June to monitor and evaluate how it will fully resume church service.

“The Chairman has asked me to inform Heads to advise Ministers, Officers and Church Members NOT to rush to open our church buildings for use immediately. Instead, we should continue using the family, friends and cell systems. The Executive Council would release the way forward soonest. Thanks and Stay Blessed. Shalom,” Apostle Alexander N. Y. Kumi-Larbi, CoP, General Secretary

This comes after President Akufo-Addo announced the easing of restrictions for churches and final year students in the various levels of education.

“Religious institutions that are desirous of opening their premises to their members, such as churches, mosques and others, must disinfect, fumigate and put in place the requisite logistics needed to guarantee safe opening and operation.

“They must work with the designated, regulatory bodies and undertake test runs of the protocols I have outlined. I would appeal to them, in the case of Christians, on the first Sunday of re-opening, i.e. 7th June, in the case of the Adventists, Saturday, 6th June, and in the case of Muslims, on the first Friday, i.e. Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah on 5th June, to dedicate their worship to prayers for the nation in these challenging times. The Minister for Religious Affairs, will, tomorrow, Monday, 1st June, outline, in detail, the specific guidelines for the safe reopening of our churches and mosques,” the President said.


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