VIDEO: Doctor Busted In Anas’ Latest BBC Documentary

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Investigate journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in a collaboration with BBC have apprehended a quack doctor by name Dr Abdellah who claimed to have a cure for the Coronavirus disease.

In a snippet of a video featured in the documentary titled ‘Corona Quacks’ sighted by who was seeing with his team and a lot of drugs labeled Covid-19 cure 1.

The Dr. speaking on Accra FM’s Drive Time show, hosted Docta Kay Nie said his drug can cure the deadly Coronavirus disease on live radio.

He was then asked how sure about what he is saying about his covid-19 cure (1) drug. In his response he said 99.9 per cent sure that his medicine can cure COVID-19.

Dr Abdellah, stressed that the medicine was not for sale as they were awaiting the approval from authorities. But he went ahead to announce his telephone number on live on-air, if you want to reach out to him.

Anas and his team revealed that they went to Ghana standard board to test the disease and found out it contains bacteria that can be harmful to human health.

The Investigation team also went to Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and it was confirmed that the said drug is not registered.

Dr Abdellah and one member was then arrested by the Police.

Watch the video below.

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