HWPL condemns human rights violation in South Korea

Heavenly Cultural, World Peace, Restoration of life (HWPL),
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An international body working and restoring peace in the world, Heavenly Cultural, World Peace, Restoration of life (HWPL), has criticised the Korean Government and the Fundamentalist Conservative Christian Organization for what it describes “publicly oppress” of a religious denomination.

The international body accuses the Korean Government and Fundamentalist Conservative Christian Organization of deliberately wanting to silence the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

A statement issued by the body, strongly condemned the illegal action taken by the Korean Government against Article 20 Clauses 1 and 2 of the Korean Constitution that states “All citizens shall enjoy freedom of religion,” and, “religion and state shall be separated.

Among other things it said the Shincheonji church has been forced to provide the personal information of its members (including the members living abroad, outside the region of South Korea) to the government even after they had shut down all of their facilities after a member was confirmed with COVID-19

The government made it sound like the Shincheonji church brought COVID-19 into Korea from China, it said.

“The government has cancelled the corporate registration of HWPL, just because it had the same chairman as the Shincheonji church”

“The government has taken legal measures to charge against the Chairman of HWPL,” the statement added.

On the part of Fundamentalist Conservative Christian Organization, the HWPL said they have accused the fastest growing Shincheonji church that now has over 250,000 members to be heretic

They have been proceeding with deprogramming (forced conversion of religion) of the Shincheonji church.

Below is the full statement:


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